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Merlyn Welsh Cream Liqueur 70cl


70cl / 17% abv

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Merlyn is a premium quality cream liqueur produced to uncompromising standards at our Penderyn Distillery. The copper pot still is charged with the finest malted barley to produce just one cask of spirit per day. It is this spirit combined with pure fresh dairy cream that is used to make Merlyn Cream Liqueur.

The refusal to compromise on quality means that Merlyn is only produced in small batches. It has a mellow and irresistibly deep flavour exclusive to our award winning distillery. The passion for producing the finest spirits in the world has earned Merlyn an almost cult following amongst those who appreciate quality.

Tasting Notes

Rich and warming creamy texture and fudge toffee is overlaid with the tingling aroma of fresh clean spirit. Gradually these give way to vanilla, hints of banana and exotic fruits – and even rose petals – all lingering gently in the background.

In the mouth the fruits are more intense and intermingle with the vanilla. When swallowed the combination of fresh cream and complex spirit produce a mysterious depth which is difficult to describe but encourages the next mouthful.

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