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Koskenkorva Vodka 70cl


70cl / 40% abv

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A classic vodka made from nature’s best ingredients. This combined with a state-of-the-art continuous distillation process results in one of the smoothest, purest vodkas in the world.

MADE IN A VILLAGE – Koskenkorva Vodka is made in the Village of Koskenkorva, in Western Finland. It’s the only globally known vodka named after the village where it’s made and has been produced since 1953. DEDICATED TO LOCAL FARMERS – Over 2,000 farms produce barley for Koskenkorva – all grown within 125 miles of the village. They’ve been the backbone of Koskenkorva for the last 6 decades. LOCAL BARLEY – Koskenkorva utilizes northernmost grown barley. Growing season is short, with long, light-filled days that ensure barley is ripe and pure. PURE SPRING WATER – Koskenkorva uses local spring water. By flowing over the ridges of Salpausselkä, water becomes so clear and pure that there’s no need to filter it at all.

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