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Greensand Ridge Apple Brandy 50cl


50cl / 42% abv

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Each autumn they take quality surplus apples from Wealden growers and press these into sweet apple juice. They ferment this juice long and slow to develop complex aromas before distilling the cider into new make apple spirit.

One delivery of apples awaiting pressing they believe Apple Brandy is the rightful whisky of the Weald region, where apple orchards dot the countryside. They work with local farmers to take only fruit which would otherwise go to waste, ensuring they mitigate food waste while leaving the best fruit for culinary uses.

As they work with quality surplus produce, the varieties that they press each year varies depending on what will go to waste, meaning that the spirit will take on a mildly different character from year to year.

Tasting Notes

Many people are familiar with Calvados, the French apple spirit made with Normandy cider apples. there spirit is made with dessert varieties, so it is much lighter on the palate but wonderfully perfumed and aromatic. Two years of ageing in bourbon casks develops the apple character, adds softness and contributes flavour to the spirit.

On the nose is the distinct character of apple blossom with the contribution of the cask reminiscent of hot buttered toast. The spirit is smooth on the palate with an initial sweetness giving and warmth of the spirit which gives way to the characteristic apple flavour which lingers in the mouth. The vanilla and caramel spiciness of the cask marries beutifully with the apple aroma and leaves the memory of warm apple crumble.

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