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Fraiser Blended Scotch Liqueur 70cl


70cl / 27.5% abv

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Fraiser is a uniquely Scottish drink blending the flavours of premium Scotch whisky with wild strawberries. Created by John Smith, our Master Blender, Fraiser is a rich, smooth and distinctive liqueur of real character and depth of taste.

The wild strawberry infusion, combined with background notes of vanilla, almond and cinnamon, blends harmoniously with the fine Scotch whisky to give Fraiser its unique taste. Gentle on the nose and mellow on the taste buds, this hand crafted secret elixir is smooth, rich and distinctive on the palate both warming and satisfying.

Fraiser’s creator, John Smith, learned and mastered his craft in the whisky industry over 35 years, latterly as Head Blender for Glenmorangie. As a result, he was known in the Trade as “The Whisky Man” a mark of respect from his fellow master blenders because of his vast knowledge and experience within the industry.

Since retiring from Glenmorangie and having worked previously on traditional malts and blends, John’s focus for the past few years has been to create a new and unique flavour profile which would reflect the provenance and heritage of Scotch Whisky, but which at the same time, would offer a new taste experience appealing to both new and existing whisky drinkers alike.

Fraiser is a result of that aspiration, and the original, hand crafted, and secret recipe that gives Fraiser its unique taste is in the heart and mind of one man only “The Whisky Man”.

Soon after launching in 2015, Fraiser went on to be the top selling brand at Glasgow Whisky Festival, Whisky Stramash, Drambusters & Ooshka in 2016 our favourite strawberry-infused liqueur continues to impress – outselling all other beverages at Whisky Live London and Stirling Whisky Festival.

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